Amer Yaqub, Publisher, The Foreign Policy (The USA)

Amer Yaqub, Publisher, The Foreign Policy (The USA)

Opinion about the monthly Russian supplement Russia Now in The Washington Post: 

«Kind of pleasure to work on the Russia project since its inception at The Washington Post. I was the Director of International Advertising there and I believe it’s the next generation of how countries will promote themselves. The beauty of the project is that a country’s image is not created in one day or even in one year. And so the project that Russia Beyond The Headlines started is a multi-year multi-media effort to really promote Russia’s image in the United States. And it takes a while for that to happen and I believe that the success of the project is built on a premise that Americans watch the Russian perspective, there is a lot of information out that you couldn’t get years ago, through the Web but a printed product that’s delivered once a month to The Washington Post audience allows the influential audience of The Washington Post to really get a different perspective». 

«I think the future will be that this project evolves into on-line and advances to really engage with this audience, and the Web-site that was unveiled a few years ago is really of a cutting edge of how countries can really take advantage of the Internet to make their message across. The challenge for countries remains as it is for corporations – there is a lot of competition for peoples’ attention, and how they can sustain that in the most compelling way to promote a country’s image. Specifically what makes the Russia project successful is its all-composite nature, it’s not just about one subject – it gives you a flavor of Russia’s culture, its sports, and that allows for it to soft side of Russia to give a perspective in the United States as well. So I’m an advocate and a supporter of this project because I know for fact that it has allowed Russia to improve its image and overtime I expect that it will continue to do so in the future».



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