Dr. Andrew C. Kuchins

Dr. Andrew C. Kuchins

Dr.Andrew C. Kuchins, Director of the Russia and Eurasia program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (USA) comments on the “Russia Now” supplement in The Washington Post 

The supplement Russia Now which appears in The Washington Post has over the course of the last few years become more interesting, more lively, it looks less like, you know, public relations exercise by the Russians, and I think that it has also become more diverse – it has always been really diverse in the topics that were addressed in its articles but it has also become more diverse in the views expressed by some of the analysts and commentators that write for Russia Now. I think it provides a valuable role, especially for those in Washington who get The Washington Post on a regular basis because it does actually provide certainly an alternative view of Russia than the editorial page of The Washington Post does. The challenge simply for Russia Now is to continue to make strong efforts to make itself interesting and diverse and attractive to a broader set of readers.

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