FIAC on Russia's Image Abroad

For the last two years, major international investors that work in FIAC (Foreign Investors Advisory Council) have been trying to find ways to help open up the country to an adequate level of foreign investment, thus helping to diversify the economy.

This attempt resulted in a survey called "Russia's Image among foreign investors" conducted by Peter Hart Research & Associates and CESSI released in 2007 at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum.

"The experiences of current investors is very positive and their outlook for expansion is robust. The positive feelings are buttressed by the sense of a strong return on investment, a growing affluence of the Russian consumer market, and a desirable and well-educated workforce. The combination of these three elements underscores why there is high confidence among these companies for Russia's ability to become one of the premier countries in the International market" - said Neville Isdell, Chairman and CEO of The Coca-Cola Company and Chairman of U.S.-Russia Business Council at its 15th annual Board of Directors meeting in Moscow last month. "However, as a successful business operating in the Russian market we see our role in telling the true story about Russia to the rest of the world, as FIAC research shows a significant gap between the image of Russia abroad and its positive economic climate," said Neville Isdell.

FIAC Survey summary
FIAC Presentation

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