'... No bears wander on Red Square'

More than four million foreigners visited Moscow in 2007, 7.5pc more than in the previous year, but still some way short of London and New York. So what is it that THRILLS our foreign guests? We asked an internet audience.

"Believe it or not, bears do not wander on Red Square. I checked by myself."

"It's just like New York. A car hunting for pedestrians is the norm for Moscow. Traffic rules exist, but who cares about them?"

"There are very few licensed taxi drivers here. It is enough to stand by the road, and someone will always stop. You will see crowds of people jumping into strangers' cars."

"You are obliged to carry an ID with you all the time. Otherwise you can be detained"

"In Moscow I had my most expensive tiramisu. It cost me 290 roubles (£6). Isn't that amazing?"

"None of the waiters I have met here has ever smiled. But if you can get past the stone-faced people, you may even enjoy talking to Muscovites."

Taken from forums in Izvestia newspaper and the following blogs:
www.geeson.blogspot.com, www.sarahism.com, www.minus36.blogspot.com, www.moscowwalks.ru, www.travelpod.com, www.to-russia.blogspot.ru and others.

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