Russian modern art exhibition opens in London

Louise T Blouin Institute

Louise T Blouin Institute

An exhibition of work by Russian modern artists and sculptors will open in a museum in west London on Thursday.
The exhibition will be held in the Louise T Blouin Institute, one of the largest non-profit galleries in the art world, and will run for ten weeks, with each artist presenting his or her most recent work every Thursday.

Among the highlights of the exhibition are Yuri Kalendarev's 'sound sculptures,' made of bronze and wood. The exhibition will also present old Russian Orthodox icons in a new light - redecorated by artist, musician and poet Hermes Zygott, as well as unique light installations by Elizaveta Berezovskaya, the daughter of Russia's fugitive oligarch Boris Berezovsky.

Visitors will also be able to ponder "video aquatic works and installations devoted to Ancient Greece" by Alexander Ponomaryov, and an experimental lab installation by Sergei 'Afrika' Bugayev.

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