Russia's Progress spacecraft 'buried' in the Pacific

The Russian space freighter Progress M-64 reentered the atmosphere and was 'buried' early on Tuesday at a 'spaceship cemetery' in the southern Pacific, a Mission Control spokesman said.
The spacecraft undocked from the International Space Station (ISS) on September 2 and was turned into an orbital laboratory as part of the Plasma-Progress program to explore the reflective properties, as well as the size and density, of plasma particles formed in the spaceship's exhaust.

The freighter, which was loaded with 'space garbage' from the ISS, reentered the Earth's atmosphere at 00.47 Moscow time (20.47 GMT) on Tuesday.

"At 01.33 Moscow time (21.33 GMT) partly burned debris fell into a designated area of the Pacific Ocean," the official said.

The ISS's orbit was adjusted on August 13 to prepare for the docking of the Progress M-65 cargo module, due to be launched on September 10. The next launch of a Soyuz manned spacecraft to the ISS is scheduled for October 12.

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