V&A cuts a dash in Moscow Kremlin

British style is usually associated with severe checked suits and warm scarfs. But what was it like in the 18th century? You can find out at an exhibition "Two Centuries of British Fashion", recently opened at The Kremlin Museum.
The display represents a remarkable collection from the 18 and 19th centuries of British Costumes, brought from The Victoria and Albert museum.

This project has been in the making for three years. The Kremlin Museum contacted the Victoria and Albert to select pieces that would appeal to a Russian audience.

"Many of the exhibits have been specially restored for the exhibition. Some of them were kept in storage and are now on display for the first time," says Elena Gagarina, director of The Moscow Kremlin Museums.

Altogether 80 exhibits, including accessories, have been brought in. They are united by three themes: luxury of Royal Court, finest tailors and the British love for nature.

As "Two Centuries of British Fashion" is a part of an exchange of displays between two museums by the end of the year an exhibition of Imperial Russian Court dresses will open the V&A.

"It's interesting to see which historic pieces at this exhibition have provided aspiration for new fashion design today. Today our contemporary designers still draw on the historic tradition," says Mark Jones, director of the V&A

The Russian public could trace back the evolution of high fashion from the old days until November the 16th.

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