Russian fighter defeats US fifth-generation warplane

The Australian Air Force conducted a simulated dogfight between Russia's Sukhoi Su-30 Flanker fighter and the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II military strike fighter. The Russian warplane scored a decisive victory.
A custom-made software package featured average Su-30 specifications and parameters because several modified versions are currently exported elsewhere.
The computer game was ordered by the United States, which wants to sell its F-35s worth $16 billion to Australia. The US side wanted to convince the Australians that the F-35, a descendant of the hard-hitting F-4 Phantom, would completely outmaneuver and outgun the Su-30, which is very popular in this region.

However, the F-35 suffered an ignominious defeat, after the Su-30 virtually tore it to pieces. The Australians said the Russian plane massacred its US rival like a baby seal.

Australian Defence Minister Joel Fitzgibbon has ordered a complete reassessment of the F-35's combat effectiveness, the national press said.
Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada recently hosted the Red Flag 2008 exercise involving fighters from India, France, South Korea and Singapore and a British AWACS early-warning plane. Eight Su-30MKIs refuelled in mid-air, while crossing the Atlantic Ocean enroute to Nevada.

The Indian squadron was escorted by US RC-135 reconnaissance aircraft which recorded their radio codes and radar frequencies. Other technical reconnaissance systems monitored the Su-30MKIs during the entire exercise.

The United States is very interested in the Su-30MKI's N-011-M Bars radar increasing its impressive combat potential. The Su-35 Flanker, now being adopted by the Russian Air Force, has similar radar.

India's Headlines Today news channel said the Indian Air Force's high command and the Indian delegation that has returned from the United States, would discuss the incident in great detail.

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