Foreign direct investment in Russia

This study of the investment climate in Russia is conducted annually by the Foreign Investment Advisory Council to the Chairman of the Russian government (FIAC). The 2008 survey of executives on foreign investment in Russia is the fourth of its kind.

The survey was commissioned by FIAC and was conducted by Rainbow Insight.
The survey aims to provide a brief summary of the opinions of company executives on issues related to foreign investment in Russia in 2008.

This is the fourth year in which the Foreign Investment Advisory Council (FIAC) has commissioned research on the investment climate in Russia. The primary goal of FIAC's Image of Russia Working Group, which coordinates this project, is to form an objective picture of how foreign investors perceive Russia, the main issues they see as unresolved, the positive aspects of doing business in Russia, and what needs to be done to improve the investment climate.
This year, for the first time, we have departed from the standard list of questions and forms and applied a research technique used by major international forums. We surveyed executives of foreign companies in direct and telephone interviews involving over 50 chief executives and board members of companies doing business in Russia, as well as some only planning to undertake projects in Russia. It is now clear that we have obtained very interesting material that will help us better understand how Russia is perceived by foreign investors.

The research was conducted by Rainbow Insight, a company that consults on doing business in international markets and investment projects. Rainbow Insight specialists have worked for many years with the World Economic Forum and other international organizations that develop analytical materials and surveys on the development of the global economy and business community.

The results cast a positive light on the changes taking place in Russia. Those who took part in the study say that Russia has achieved a great deal, though more needs to be done. The survey's main conclusion is that investors see excellent prospects for their business in Russia. I hope that all who look at this publication will find the results interesting and useful. We plan to continue this initiative and project in the future.

Karl Johansson
FIAC foreign participants coordinator

Download the survey here:

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