Inspired by Russia and the diaspora

`INSPIRED BY RUSSIA' is an art exhibit you won't want to miss. It features paintings and sculpture that represent different styles and mediums, ranging from representational works to abstract forms, by eight exciting Russian artists from Canada, Finland, France, Russia and the USA.
`The idea came to me in Florence at the Art Biennale, where Russian artists were representing different countries'- says artist Luba Sterlikova, who organized the show in association with the Russian Embassy and the Russian Cultural Center in Washington. ` It is interesting to see how Russian tradition interweaves with Western art concepts in the works of this new generation of artists, all Russian by birth but with a universal mentality'.

The exhibiting artists who have been showcasing their works worldwide have infused different art disciplines and traditions into a style that is undeniably their own.

Natalia Vetrova (Canada) paints modern characters in the realstatic tradition of archaic customs. `The Russian costume in the form of decorative, colorful ammunition helps me to bring up the beauty of the characters. `-says Natalia - I get inspiration from Russian Icons, full of colors, gold and flat, conventional outline.'

Volodia Popov (France) is the artist for whom no stylistic border exists. His works are both realistic and abstract at the same time. It's like a puzzle that the viewer is asked to solve.

The works of Galina Lopatina (Russia) represent a rare conjunction of the traditions of classical painting and a modern view of life. She freely moves from church frescos through dynamic figurative paintings to landscapes.
Inspired by theRussian traditions of classical ballet, Serguei Zlenko (Finland) delivers scenes of striking depth and passion in his paintings.'I try to reveal both the concentration and potency necessary in each performance, whilst drawing attention to the dancers' elegance and regal poise'- says Serguei.

Though Olga Karpeisky's (USA) style is reminiscent of old masters, her works are absolutely contemporary. `Inspiration could come from anywhere: an object, light of sunset, music, or morning breeze; -says Olga'.

Sculptor Evgeny Vereshchagin (Russia) expresses his attitude to the important issues of today through his works on philosophical and historical subjects.
Paintings of Vladimir Fomichev (Russia) are very sincere and romantic, with distinctive disregard to fashionable art trends.

Luba Sterlikova's unique and provocative art takes a delight in making the viewer look beyond everyday life and objects and appreciate them in new and exciting ways.

Exhibit official opening for registered guests: November 12,2008, at 6 p.m. at the Russian Embassy at 2650 Wisconsin Avenue, DC. Meet the Artists reception: November 15, 2008, 4-7 p.m. at RCC at 1825 Phelps Place, DC. Contact: or The exhibit runs through November 22,2008 at RCC.

The exhibit is sponsored in part by Russian Standard company.

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