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The Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin, has opened a website forum for ordinary Russians to have their voices heard. By filling in an online form, anyone can post a question to him.

The website contains info on Vladimir Putin's work as head of government since May 7, 2008, an archive of his statements and public appearances, articles devoted to him by the Russian and world press and a photo album.

There'll also be a `Putin tracker' there, an interactive map allowing anyone to see where the prime minister has been and where he's going.

The service is also available in English, offering the first chance for a global audience to quiz the Russian head of government.

It's not the first time the Kremlin has embraced the internet. President Medvedev already has a presence in cyberspace - a video blog on the official president's website.

If you want to contact Vladimir Putin, you're welcome to use the following link:

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