RSPP president elected as Russian-American business council guardians' board chairman

In March 2009, during the latest visit of a Shokhin-lead RSPP representative delegation to the US, the creation of a Russian-American Business Dialogue was announced. The Dialogue was to be jointly established by RSPP, US Chamber of Commerce and the US Chamber of Commerce in Russia. At a later stage, it was joined by the Russian Chamber of Commerce, RABC, the `Business Russia' and `OPORA' associations, and the American-Russian Business Council.

Members of the Board of Guardians and members of Russian business associations represented by the RABC hailed Shokhin's election as Chairman of the Board of Guardians and in their turn expressed the desire for him to be elected Council President. (Up until now the office has been held by the eminent diplomat and public figure Yuri Vorontsov). RSPP Managing Director for International Cooperation Andrey Kuznetsov was elected as RABC Senior Vice-President.

The meeting also discussed opportunities for Russian representatives to participate in the Russian-American business circles' summit under the auspices of the Russian-American Business Dialogue during President Barak Obama's visit to Moscow in July.

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