Russia is biggest buyer of India’s space images

Antrix Corporation is a subsidiary of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), which sells images from remote sensing satellites and organises the launches of foreign vehicles using Indian rockets.

Remilla did not elaborate on Antrix’s financial results and sales volume in Russia, although he did point out that Russia is third behind the United States and China among the biggest buyers of India’s space images.

“Our main clients in Russia are the Defence Ministry, the Agriculture Ministry and the Federal Forest Service,” Remilla said.

Russia has to buy space images from abroad because it lacks the sufficient number of its own remote sensing satellites, he says.

Mr. Remilla continued: “We have the world’s largest group of Earth remote sensing satellites, with eight overall.”

He points out that images with a resolution of 5 to 30 metres offered by India, France and Germany, are the ones being most heavily pushed to clients

India currently offers images from Cartosat 2А and Resourcesat satellites on the global market.

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