Rus-India travelling exhibition hits Siberia (+multimedia)

The Rus-India travelling exhibition has opened up in the Republic of Tuva, where Buddhists make up 50%of the population. The exhibition is devoted to the Roerich family of artists and philosophers, India and the Buddhist philosophy in the governing of the republic’s Buddhist spiritual leader, Kamba Lama. The Russian region of Tuva covers three areas: Central Asia, South-East Siberia and the upper reaches of the Yenisei River.

The exhibit includes prints of Nikolai Roerich’s pictures and photographs from various different parts of India, featuring residents living in the plains and high up in the mountains, as well as temples, nature, the unique Himalayas, and places sacred to the great Roerich family.

The “Indian corner” exhibits the clothing, household articles and sacred items of the Indian peoples.

Exhibition director Elena Afanasyeva says that Rus-India is very popular with local residents, who show real interest for Roerich’s works. “Tuva is a delightful place. The people there are deeply interested and in awe at the beauty of the Orient and Buddhism,” she said.

Paintings by Nikolai Roerich

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