Future could entail Russian exporting more than 600 5th-generation fighter jets

Mr Korotchenko stated: “Experts at CAWAT believe that export demands, under the current production plan for the advanced frontline aircraft system (PAK FA), will lead to Russia’s building at least a thousand Sukhoi jet fighters. Moreover, the Russian air force, should the country’s economic growth scenario not sour things otherwise, is expected to order at least 400-450 units from 2020 to 2040.”

He added that the PAK FA fighter jet’s only realistic competitor in the foreseeable future is the F-35 Lightening II, since the heavy-weight version of the American 5th-generation F-22 will barely find any demand on the world arms market because of its astronomical price tag (around $250m per fighter jet at export).

The PAK FA programme’s only current foreign partner is India, which plans on having at least 250 5th-generation fighter jets in its air force’s combat strength

Predictions lead CAWAT to consider the following countries to be potential buyers of the PAK FA: Algeria (a possible purchase of 24-36 5th-generation fighter jets from 2025 to 2030), Argentina (12-24 units from 2035 to 2040), Brazil (24-36 units from 2030 to 2035), Venezuela (24-36 units from 2027 to 2032), Vietnam (12-24 units from 2030 to 2035), Egypt (12-24 units from 2040 to 2045).

Other possible buyers include: Indonesia (6-12 units from 2028 to 2032), Iran (36-48 units from 2035 to 2040), Kazakhstan (12-24 units from 2025 to 2035), China (up to 100 units from 2025 to 2035), Libya (12-24 units from 2025 to 2030), Malaysia (12-24 units from 2035 to 2040) and Syria (12-24 units from 2025 to 2030).

Mr Korotchenko also pointed out that delivery dates, volumes and buyers still could change depending on how international events develop and where volatile areas might arise in different parts of the world in future.

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