The Sun Stone (+video)

There were mixed forests including maples and oaks, palms and bays, pines, spruces, cypresses in the South part of the Scandinavian peninsula on the boundaries of the Baltic Sea around 40 million years ago.

Afterwards, it grew colder, or, vice versa a warm spell has set in with a sudden hydrogen sulfide discharge, perhaps, because of the Earth crust's fracture. Conifers reacted to it with a great and sharp pitches' outflow. However, according to another version, not all conifers, but a certain kind of a pine did. Pitch was oxidized and concentrated in the soil of «amber forest».

Rivers and streams carried it away to the mouth of the large river flowing into the ancient sea in the territory of the up-to-date Kaliningrad Oblast. This ancient pine's pitch has been picked up for centuries at the sea coast by local residents by hand or with the help of special nets and had been believed to posses medical and even magic power.

Amber decorations have always been valued highly for the stone's refinement and a peculiar warmth. Today an amber is produced industrially and processed at the only one special enterprise in Russia.

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