Tour of Pyatigorsk

Pyatigorsk located at the foot of Mashuk Mountain is the largest resort in the region Caucasian Mineral Waters and the city with fascinating history. This is where in the 19th century Russian aristocrats came to have a rest and the great Russian poets Alexander Pushkin and Mikhail Lermontov worked and lived.

Pyatigorsk has reach architecture. It was built by Swiss architects brothers Bernardazzi by using to the full extent all the natural phenomena of this place. For instance, the Aeolian harp was erected on the ground where there the wind is always blowing. Inside of the pavilion there were placed two harps. The string were touched by the wind and the music was heard. In one of the slopes of Mashuk Mountain there's Proval Lake that is situated in the natural cave and one can get there only through the tunnel hacked through the rock. Excursion to Proval Lake is one the most favourite tourist itineraries both 200 years ago and at present. The water in the lake is turquoise. They say this is because it's reach in hydrogen sulfide. They used to swim in it considering it's useful for one's health. The presenter Diana Pylaeva didn't try to experience magic influence of water, but examined all the curi osities of Pyatigorsk and learned a lot of interesting things about the life of the Russian aristocracy of the before last century.

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