“They will be found – crimes like this give up their secrets”

Source: Ria Novosti

Source: Ria Novosti

It was the subject of the first question put by one of the participants in the event: when will journalists in Russia be able to do their work in peace, without fearing for their lives?

The president replied in some detail: “My reaction to the attack on Kashin is understandable. The nature of the work that journalists do puts them at risk. I did this deliberately – the state must have a careful attitude to their work. Journalists must have the opportunity to show the events of our life honestly and professionally. It doesn’t matter what kind of views they hold: right, left or radical. I too don’t always like what they write about me. Journalists must use their views and personal authority when they describe events. They must be guaranteed this right.

“The attack indicates that the level of crime in the country is still too high. There are forces which believe that in this way they can shut the mouths of journalists and politicians […] These forces must be identified. The people connected with this must be punished, regardless of their position and past distinctions, if any. The investigation must succeed. Today I spoke to the investigators, and they are seizing documents which may put them on the trail. They will be found – crimes like this give up their secrets, no matter what forces are behind them. This is not a general crime, judging by the actions of the criminals. The people involved in this must be unmasked.”

Medvedev wished Kashin a rapid recovery.

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