Kiriyenko: the Kudankulam Nuclear Plant under construction by Russia is the safest in India

Sergey Kiriyenko, the head of Rosatom. Source: RIA Novosti

Sergey Kiriyenko, the head of Rosatom. Source: RIA Novosti

The Kudankulam Nuclear Plant that Russia is building in India meets all the safety requirements and there will be no change in the construction schedule, according to Sergey Kiriyenko, the head of Rosatom.

“Even if, in the wake of Fukushima, you try to imagine what else should be added to the nuclear plant design to enable it to withstand every conceivable combination – earthquakes, tsunami, power and water supply cuts, and so on -- Kudankulam already has them all”, said Kiriyenko, who took part in the meeting between President Medvedev and the Indian Prime Minister.

“When construction was launched, some asked whether the safety measures were excessive because they set tough requirements in terms of combination and duplication of active and passive safety systems. It is the only power plant outside the Russian Federation to have a system of passive heat control ruling out a repeat of the Japanese scenario: heat is removed by airflows,” Kiriyenko explained.

In the opinion of the head of Rosatom, the first two units at the Kudankulam Nuclear Plant meet not today’s requirements but tomorrow’s.

“It is the safest plant in India today. I would even hazard to say that, in terms of the combination of active and passive safety systems, it is the only station in the world today, apart from some plants in the Russian Federation, and it is the only plant that meets fully the post-Fukushima requirements on nuclear power”, Mr Kiriyenko stressed.

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