Indian wunderkinds rock Moscow dancing grounds

Fourteen-year-old Vishnu Vijay has just arrived from India where his dance group Chennai Beats won a spot at a summer camp in Moscow after competing with kids around the world in dance videos they submitted last spring.

Their video, featuring a favorite Indian folk rap song, beat out the other kids for a place.

“They asked us to bring some Indian culture, and we just showed Indian folk. They liked it very much,” Vijay said.

So did choreographer Maksim Nedalechko – everyone’s favorite dance teacher at the camp.

“I like the dance master. He teaches very hard steps, but when he shows slowly it looks very easy,” dance pupil N. Parthasardhy said

A 12-year veteran of teaching kids, Nedalechko says these kids are here because they show promise for a professional career in dance.

“We only have a few weeks to develop their talents, but the kids are burning with desire to dance so they are coping,” Nedalechko said. “The best part for me is when I see improvement and success when they finally take the stage. It’s so cool to work with the kids, I’ve been teaching like this for 12 years now, and every time it’s a pleasant experience. Once they trust you the process of teaching becomes easier.”

Other members of the Chennai Beats had a hard time convincing their friends they were coming to Russia.

“They at first did not believe that I am going to Russia,” said N.Parthasardhy. “Then slowly the school told them that four students are selected from the school. Then only they believed that I am going to Russia.”

Fifteen-year-old Martin Gurgiv’s dance group Beat the Beat back home in Bulgaria used Ludakris’ tune My Chick Bad to win themselves a spot.

With dreams of dancing and acting, Gurgiv’s idol is right here at the camp.

“I want to become like Maksim! He is the greatest dancer in Moscow and in Russia and I think in the whole world,” Gurgiv said.

The kids slave away through the hot weather perfecting Maksim’s moves. Now the youngsters are preparing their own professional style music videos and performances for audiences to show how much they have learned by coming together for summer camp.

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