Russia Beyond The Headlines iPad app goes live

Today we announce the release of our free iPad app “Touch Russia.”

This new digital edition of RBTH contains content from the organization’s flagship website and print editions repackaged for the iPad experience. It also offers a host of unique features, including an interactive map of Russia. The app was developed by UK-based TigerSpike, known for its work with the digital editions of leading media organizations. “Touch Russia” can be downloaded here.

In the new app, RBTH offers a convergence of the best from its print and online editions, as well as convenient access to stories through a beautiful and easy-to-use interface.

“’Touch Russia’ showcases RBTH’s unique approach to covering the most interesting and important stories from Russia for those readers who want to know just a bit more,” said Eugene Abov, publisher of Russia Beyond the Headlines. “Our international audience is highly mobile. We aim to engage readers and satisfy the growing interest in current affairs in the country, especially given milestone events such as the upcoming Olympic games 2014 in Sochi and the soccer World Cup in 2018.”

Scan this code with your iPad or just click on it and download our app

“Touch Russia" delivers its content through very simple and intuitive navigation, and covers a range of categories, including the arts, culture, society, business, and politics. All content is accompanied by multimedia elements such as full-screen photographs, cartoons and videos. One unique feature of the app is an interactive map that allows users to access stories and multimedia assets from across Russia. Interactive images with hotspots is another exciting feature; this resource is a visual library of Russia’s most representative landscapes and cultural traditions.

“Touch Russia,” was developed by TigerSpike, an international software development company headquartered in London. "We approached the creation of the user experience through the combination of our expert knowledge of the iPad, how people interact with Personal Media, and both our front-end and back-end development expertise. It's only through the combination of these elements that we were able to create an application that truly brings Russia Beyond the Headlines content to life on the iPad", - said Greg Taylor, TigerSpike UI & UX Design Director.

According to global research agency International Data Corporation, 62.5 million tablets will be delivered worldwide in 2011; almost 70 percent of these will be iPads.

The iPad application “Touch Russia” is free and launched in English, with other languages, including French and Spanish, to follow shortly.

Versions for other mobile devices including iPhone and Android-based handhelds are underway. Users can also visit the mobile version of Russia Beyond the Headlines at

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