Kudankulam: power units' construction faces delays

Protesting voices of the many Indians concerned with their safety and the state of the environment echoed at the annual meeting between Manmohan Singh and Dmitry Medvedev today.

Sergey Kirienko, the head of Rosatom, said that the sides couldn't sign the prepared documents for construction of the 3d and the 4th power units of the nuclear power plant "Kudankulam".

At the moment the Russian side finishes the construction of the 1st and 2nd power units and is hoping to win the order for the 3d and 4th power units. Despite the mass protests, India is planning to build other nuclear power plants beside Kudankulam. On the whole, 16 to 20 power units are supposed to be constructed.

According to the statement of Ajai Malhotra, Indian Ambassador to Russia, to the newspaper "Kommersant", these protests "reflect fears of the nuclear power plant's negative impact on the lives of people and the environment". The Ambassador said:"We take these concerns very seriously and we've already created a group of independent experts to give an objective assessment of the situation. At the same time we'll fulfil all our obligations in the cooperation with Russia in the nuclear enrgy sphere".

Sergey Novikov, the head of the Rosatom's press-service, said that the Indian side had asked for a brief prolongation to settle the problems with the local residents' protests and to explain and to prove absolute safety of the nuclear power plant.

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