Iran wants Russia to remain firm on foreign policy

In Iran it is felt that the United States is pursuing a tough strategy in Asia. The importance of such an Asia strategy for the United States is underlined by both the EU’s and the US’ own problems, Asian energy reserves and Asia’s growing young population, says Iranian ambassador to Finland Seyed Rasoul Mousavi. In short interview with RT TV Channel he shared Iranian views on the turbulent decade in the Middle East.

Syria is in a key position

Following the September 11 terrorist attacks, the US exploited its situation to subjugate Afghanistan and extend its sphere of control in Asia. The main concern is not the Taliban or how evil they are, but the need of the US to talk about the Taliban. It all comes down to the American strategic analysis on Asia. The US has Asia’s superpowers China, India and Iran in its sights from Afghan soil.

The Western strategy – which amounts to talking about democracy – is a mere formality, froth and window-dressing, but at the hard core is an American global strategy to win control of entire regions.It’s a strategic game.

From Iran’s standpoint, Syria is historically important as it straddles Asia and Europe. Syria paved the way for the conquest of Persia by Alexander the Great. The Mongols attacked Syria from the 1240s onwards in an attempt to conquer it – and largely failed. The Crusaders were halted at Damascus, although Count Fulk used his wealth to arm several armies to attack it. But they couldn't take the city.

I hope that Russia would stand firm on Syria, even if it meant numerous rounds of negotiations to bring about peace. If NATO and the United States get a hold of Syria, Iran is next in line. Now Afghanistan is already under the Americans’ thumb, and if America gets Iran then the states of Central Asia will come under US control. Then the next target is Russia. If Russia finds a peaceful solution to Syria and doesn’t give in to the Americans’ attempts to resort to force, Russia will be elevated to a new level politically.

In Iran's view, America would like Russia to have the sort of administration that existed in the Yeltsin period, when just about anything in Russia could be bought for dollars. While I have no personal grudge against President Yeltsin, Russia's subordinate status would suit Western actors still now as it did in the 1990s.

“Nuclear weapons” – an excuse cooked up by the Americans

Iran makes it clear that its adversary is not entitled to mistakes; everyone must ensure peace and stability. Iran is stronger than it was a decade or two ago. If you want peace, prepare for war, but do not want war. Iran must show its strength, but Iran does not want war, but stability. Our enemies must know that one mistake would be the last mistake.

Tehran sees America and Israel's unfounded claims of an Iranian nuclear weapon program as not a cause for concern, but rather an excuse. Iran is the cause of concerns because Iran wants to preserve its independence.

All the criticism relating to nuclear weapons is absurd if held up against rational analysis. What could Iran do with one bomb, when its neighbors have hundreds of bombs? Iran wishes to adhere to international treaties and does not want a nuclear bomb that would destroy relationships and trust. In Iran’s view disarmament is a better force than the best armies.

Seyed Rasoul Mousavi is Iranian Ambassador to Finland, formerly to Tajikistan. He is a politicial researcher, who has written several studies of NATO strategy in the Caucasus and the Middle East. 

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