Closer to Russia than ever - New RBTH for iPad 1.2

There are so many more ways of experiencing Russia through this iPad app!
New RBTH for iPad 1.2
Fashion in Moscow Metro :check out eye-popping photo gallery by Alena Nikiforova in RBTH for iPad photo gallery

Based on your feedback and comments we made improvements in the application: changed the Interactive map of Russia and images navigation, improved the app’s interface, and made lot’s of other small things that will make your experinece even more enjoyable.

Here it comes: Russia Beyond the Headlines iPad 1.2 NEW

Cody White Our very own star, Cody White, an American student who is now in Russia, posted a video about his experience on YouTube and Vimeo. His video “Touch Russia” went viral in Russia in a matter of days. British The Guardian featured the video as one of the best adventure travel videos on the web. Others were inspired by Cody’s idea of «touching Russia» and sent their photos to Russia Beyond the Headlines to show how they have «touched» Russia.

More exciting news to come! Cody will be contributing to the Touch Russia blog with his own column dedicated to his experience living in Moscow. He will share his memories and impressions of Russia with the public, pose questions to the readers and answer their queries. His column “Would you like some borcht with that?" is also be available on our website, and in the app.

This Tumblr blog experience will accompany your journey in the iPad app Russia Beyond the Headlines. Follow our Tumblr blog Touch Russia. To learn more about RBTH for iPad app, please visit and follow RBTH Mobile news on Twitter.

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