Touch Russia - RBTH on Tumblr

Russia Beyond the Headlines has just begun a new and exciting adventure: Touch Russia - RBTH on Tumblr!
Touch Russia - RBTH on Tumblr
The internationally recognized multimedia project dedicated to Russia is debuting in the world of Tumblr, the micro-blogging platform that has won over many hearts with its captivating style and easy way to share content. And to launch its Tumblr blog in the best possible way, RBTH has enlisted viral video star Cody White to help out. Cody has just started contributing for Touch Russia - RBTH on Tumblr with his own column "Would you like some borscht with that?," which is also featured on Russia Beyond the Headlines' website and in their mobile edition.


Touch Russia - RBTH on Tumblr features both visual and written content, and tries to unveil the beauty of lesser known aspects of Russian culture and society. Cody, the star of the promotional video Touch Russia, will be contributing to the blog with a series of blog posts dedicated to his experiences as an American student living in Moscow. He will share his memories and impressions of Russia with the public, pose questions to the readers and and answer their queries.


"The most important thing I hope to give to the reader is curiosity. Perhaps that is a cliché, but I don't intend to for my blog posts to be something definitive that people can use to gauge Russia," Cody said in an interview about his new column. "I would like to bring about interesting perspectives of Russia to the audience, as a foreign exchange student. I know that everyone's experience will differ, no matter the situation. If I can encourage the fact that Russia is a safe and rich place, that is worth exploring, then I've done my job! Don't just rely on my posts or information, but come and make your own impressions of this great, and unique, country!"


Russia Beyond the Headlines is currently undergoing an expansion and exploring a variety of new tools aimed at making information about Russia more accessible to the non-Russian-speaking readers. After the successful launch of the iPad app RBTH for iPad in November 2011, the release of the update version in March 2012 and with plans to develop an iPhone and Android app, Russia Beyond the Headlines now aims at exploring the potential of Tumblr and hopes to establish itself among the micro-blogging platform's young and web-savvy readers.


Touch Russia - RBTH on Tumblr has been developed as a companion to RBTH for iPad and will offer the readers an exciting and alternative way to get to know Russia. Don't miss this great opportunity and add Touch Russia – RBTH on Tumblr to your bookmarks!

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