Obama’s men in Tehran

Seymour Hersh is back with a bang. His latest piece in the New Yorker magazine lays bare the grotesque features of the United States' so-called 'containment' policy on Iran.

Tehran has been shouting from the rooftop all along that the Great Satan (read America) cannot be trusted because it is Janus-faced. Hersh now concurs. 

In a brilliant piece of investigative reporting, he puts together the details of the top secret training camps in the Nevada desert for the terrorists belonging to the dreaded Mujahideen-e-Khalq, known worldwide in the pantheon of terrorists as MKO. (Ironically, the Nevada site used to be the location for nuclear testing!) 

What is absolutely fascinating is the high pragmatism of the American mind. MKO subscribes to an ideology that is a curious amalgam of Marxism and Islamism, both of which should be anathema to the US in terms of its professed high values. But then, in real life politics comes first. And the most cynical part of all this is that the MKO also happens to be listed by the US state department as a 'terrorist' organization. So, what is 'terrorism' for state secretary Hillary Clinton becomes a key instrument of US policy for CIA boss David Petraeus.

Hersh’s sensational disclosure comes at an awkward time for the Barack Obama administration, which is dissimulating interest in constructively engaging Tehran in talks – so that the blame falls on Iran if the talks don’t succeed. Hersh dissipates the spin consistently given by successive US establishments that Washington has been craving for peace with Teheran but unfortunately the Islamic regime has been obdurate.

Hmm. The US as a ‘state sponsoring terrorism’! What would the myopic Indian pundits say, who insist on seeing excellent prospects of cooperation on counter-terrorism within the framework of our country's 'defining partnership' with the US? Bury the head in the sands like an ostrich?

Not only Indians, Hersh's story will make Pakistan also think not twice but several times over about what has been happening in the Afghan-Pakistan border region... Even last week there was a cross-border raid by Taliban militants. No one knows who is motivating those terrorists, guiding and prompting them. Perhaps we would know if and when David Petraeus (or Raymond Davis, the CIA operative in Pakistan) decides to pen a memoir. 

Of course, there is no need to second guess why no country in the region today wants the establishment of US military bases in Afghanistan. Read Hersh here.     

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