New voice from Russia in Serbian

New voice from Russia in Serbian

Ruska Rec Rossiyskaya Gazeta’s Russia Beyond the Headlines project has added a 11th language to its website (and a new print supplement) in Serbian, Ruska Rec. The new section is catered toward citizens of the former Yugoslavia and Russia’s large Serbian diaspora, who will have the opportunity to become better acquainted with Russia’s foreign relations, domestic politics, lifestyle, sports, regions, economy and business in their native language.

From May 23, Ruska Rec is also available as a monthly supplement inside the authoritative Serbian weekly Politika, which has become the 19th periodical in the world to launch an international supplement with Russia Beyond the Headlines. Ruska Rec is the second RBTH supplement published in Serbia: since November 2010, a 36-page insert has been being coming out inside Belgrade-based Geopolitika magazine.

The launch of Ruska Rec has already attracted numerous letters from Politika readers. An RBTH article titled Thank my Grandfather for Victory about why May 9 remains an important holiday to Russians received many positive reviews. On Facebook, the Balkanization of Russia article about Balkan culture also received lots of feedback. Other popular topics included Russian-made products in Serbia, music festivals, the popularity of studying Serbian among Russians, soccer and tourism in remote parts of Russia.

Ruska Rec complements Russia Beyond the Headlines’ global media which, which covers 19 periodicals in 11 languages in 16 countries with a total circulation of seven million., the project’s main English-language website, offers its content in all 11 languages, 7 partner-based microsites and mobile and iPad versions in English.

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