Russia sticks to international laws in case of violation of its citizens' rights abroad, according to the country's Foreign Ministry

Russia tries to stay calm when rights of its citizens are violated abroad and to solve such problems within the international legal framework, Russian Foreign Ministry Representative for Human Rights, Democracy and Rule of Law Konstantin Dolgov told a Thursday press conference in Moscow.

"Sometimes it is easier to take unilateral straight steps but we try to control our emotions and, life shows, this policy proves absolutely right in the end," he said.

Interfax asked Dolgov whether Russia would continue to reciprocate restrictions of the rights of its citizens abroad, in particular, by the Magnitsky Act, or would be the first to take measures against foreign breakers of rights of Russian citizens.

Everything Russia does to protect the rights of its citizens complies with international laws, Dolgov said. "We deliberately do not cross the international legal line. We think such actions would be wrong," he said.

"If other international partners choose a different path, breach international laws and try to establish the priority of national law enforcement mechanisms over international commitments, we call that wrong and say these steps lead to the collisions we are witnessing now," he said.

If foreign partners abstain from taking unfounded measures as regards Russian citizens, Moscow will not have to reciprocate them, Dolgov said.

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