Russia's Emergencies Ministry: Kuban flood affects 35,000 people

The Kuban flood has affected about 35,000 people, the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry's press service has told Interfax.

"The emergency situation in Gelendzhik, Novorossiysk and the Krymsk district has affected 34,650 people, 171 of them were killed. Five people died from electric shock," the press service said.

"Four hundred people sustained severe and less severe traumas, another 400 have minor injuries, and 185 people were hospitalized, including 23 children."

According to the ministry, 800 people requested medical aid, 400 of them with severe and less severe traumas and as many with minor injuries.  "Seven people are in the central city hospital in Gelendzhik, and 178, including 23 children, are in the central hospital of Krymsk," the press service said.

Rescuers saved 872 people, 2,854 people were evacuated, and 1,000 people were accommodated in temporary shelters.

The forensic analysis of the bodies of 149 flood victims in the town of Krymsk, the worst hit by Saturday's floods, has been completed, the Russian Health Ministry's press service has told Interfax.  "By now, the forensic examination has been completed. All 149 victims, whose bodies are in the local morgue, died from drowning," it said.

No outbreaks of infectious diseases have been registered in the flood-stricken areas of Kuban, the Russian Health Ministry's press service has told Interfax.

"The epidemiological situation is normal for this season and does not differ from last year," it said.

Vaccination is being carried out among residents to prevent infection outbreaks.

More than 1,000 people have sought medical aid after Saturday's flood in Krymsk, the Russian Health Ministry said in a report on Monday.  "By 4:30 p.m. on Monday, 1,033 people had requested medical aid, and 187 people had been hospitalized. There lives are out of danger," the report says.

Two days after the flood hit, all the vital facilities in the disaster area were restored.

"By 2:00 p.m. Moscow time on Monday, 10,232 homes had been examined, and water had been pumped from 1,814 houses. The socially vital installations are working as usual," the press service said.

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