Russian-language Wikipedia suspends services for 24 hours protesting changes to law on information

The Russian-language Wikipedia free online encyclopedia suspended its services for 24 hours protesting a bill that amends the federal law on the protection of children from information damaging to their health and development.

"The State Duma is hearing today, July 10, amendments to the law on information that may lead to the creation of extra-judicial censorship for the whole Russian-language Internet, including the closure of Russian-language Wikipedia," a statement on the Russian-language Wikipedia website reads.

""The Wikipedia community protests against the introduction of censorship dangerous for free knowledge open to the whole mankind," it reads.

"Lobbyists and activists supporting such amendments say that they are aimed solely against the content such as child pornography and similar things; however, if one follows the provisions and wording of the discussed amendments this lead to the creation in Russia of a counterpart of the 'Great Firewall of China'. The enforcement practice in Russia suggests that the worst-case scenario in which access to Wikipedia will be closed all over the country will be applied," the statement reads.

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