Hermitage Capital outraged by Federation Council member's comments on Magnitsky's case

A Russian Federation Council delegation visiting the United States has circulated deliberately deceitful information in discussing the Sergei Magnitsky Rule of Law Accountability Act, Hermitage Capital said in a statement passed to Interfax on Thursday.

A group of Russian senators visiting the U.S. on Wednesday circulated deliberately deceitful information concerning circumstances of Sergei Magnitsky's unlawful arrest, torture and killing, in an attempt to prevent the passage of the so-called Magnitsky Bill by the U.S. Congress, the statement says.

This will lead to a diametrically opposite result and will stimulate the passage of this bill both in the U.S. and Europe in the near future, it said.

Hermitage Capital, which Magnitsky used to work for as a lawyer, is especially outraged by the fact that some of the Russian senators suggested that alcoholism could have played a role in Magnitsky's death.

Trying to prevent the adoption of the Magnitsky Bill at any cost, Federation Council member Vitaly Malkin accused Sergei Magnitsky of alcoholism and called this an indirect cause of his death, although Magnitsky had never abused alcohol, and there is absolutely no objective evidence confirming Malkin's words, the statement says.

Not a single medical examination or test indicated the presence of alcohol in Magnitsky's blood, not to mention that alcohol could not have caused his death, Hermitage says. Magnitsky died on the 358th day of his stay at a detention facility, where he did not have any chance to drink alcohol, it said.

The foundation is also outraged by the fact that the Russian senator described injuries that Magnitsky sustained apparently from being beaten in his prison cell as mere abrasions. Malkin's conclusions and judgments absolutely disagree with the conclusions by the Moscow public monitoring commission and the Presidential Human Rights Council, not to mention that they run counter to the uncovered actual circumstances of Magnitsky's death, it said.

Hermitage Capital considers the statements by the Russian senator to be insulting.

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