Most Russians do not intend to take part in opposition rallies, according to polls

Most Russians (79%) are unprepared to take part in opposition protests, judging by a poll conducted by VTsIOM public opinion center on June 30-July 1 among 1,600 people in 46 constituent territories of Russia.

Meanwhile, 18% are ready to demonstrate activeness.

The attitude of the public to the opposition rallies and participants in them has not changed over the past few weeks. Like before, 25% support them with 8% ready to join the actions and 17% not. Supporters of the rallies are primarily voters of Just Russia (40%) and the Communist Party (41%), and young people ages 25-34 (28%).

The group of those who hold a negative attitude to opposition actions also remains stable (37%). As a rule, these are supporters of United Russia (43%) and people aged over 35 (39-41%).

Besides, 35% are indifferent to the protests. These are mainly supporters of United Russia (40%) and people under the age of 35 (39%-40%).

The question who of the opposition leaders enjoys the greatest respect and sympathy was the most difficult one.

Many of those interviewed either did not know them (28%) or found it difficult to say whom they sympathized with (32%). There were also many people who did not respect a single opposition activist (27%).

The rest mentioned most often Communist Party leader Gennady Zyuganov (4%), Vladimir Zhirinovsky, Sergei Mironov, Alexei Navalny, Ksenia Sobchak and Sergei Udaltsov (2% each).

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