Nikita Mikhalkov's supporters register political party

The Justice Ministry has registered the party For Our Fatherland, which consists of supporters of film-maker Nikita Mikhalkov, Izvestia reported on Friday.

"The new party appeals to historical traditions. As symbols it assumed the black-and-gold St. George's flag which was actually the Russian national flag in the 18th century. And also the eight-pointed star of God's Mother that used to be painted on military banners in Ancient Rus," the daily says.

The manifesto of enlightened conservatism 'Law and Truth' by Mikhalkov became the program of the new party, it adds.

"The Fundamentals of the National Strategy of Russia" is another key party document in addition to the manifesto.

Its foreword says that "Russia as a special Russian civilization is the richest in the world in its spiritual experience, in the grandness of its culture and history, in its intellectual capital," Izvestia quotes its forward as saying.

Meanwhile, Mikhalkov, on whose ideas the new conservatives rely, refused to comment on the appearance of "his" party for the newspaper.

Currently, Russia has 25 registered political parties now.

"We have received a fresh report from the Justice Ministry today, which says that 25 political parties have the right to take part in elections," Central Election Commission Vice Chairman Leonid Ivlev told Interfax on Friday.

"The new entries on the registered parties list are the Party of Free Citizens, the Party of Social Networks, the Union of Urban Residents party, the Communist Party of Social Justice and the Social-Democratic Party of Russia," he said.

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