Agricultural Ministry: Russia should not dramatize agricultural situation after WTO accession

Russia should not dramatize the situation in the agriculture industry after the country's accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO), Agriculture Minister Nikolai Fyodorov said at a Monday press conference in Moscow.

"I don't see reason to dramatize. If we don't dramatize, but instead respond to it wisely and with qualitative work and inspiration, everything will be fine. I am absolutely convinced of this," he said.

Fyodorov emphasized that "for everyone who wants to work and loves their motherland, these are very useful experiences on the way to becoming more competitive."

"How long can one vegetate - decades - leeching on some handout or another that doesn't let you die but doesn't let you live normally either?" he said.

WTO accession will be painful, but Russia will sooner or later have to follow this path. Russian farmers are not afraid of toughened competition, he said.

With regards to the fate of small agribusiness after WTO accession, the most optimal solution is to integrate it with major agricultural holdings that will be able to support it in terms of veterinary provisions, feedstock and other services, Fyodorov said.

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