Russian Justice Ministry registers two new parties

The number of political parties registered by the Russian Justice Ministries, which have the right to stand for election, has soared to 27, Central Election Commission member Nina Kulyasova told Interfax on Tuesday.

"We have received another piece of information from the Justice Ministry, whereby the number of parties entitled to stand for election has increased from 25 to 27. The newly added political parties are the Party of Social Protection and Clever Russia," Kulyasova said.

Currently, the ministry's list of registered political parties contains six more organizations which have yet to submit documentation confirming state registration of their regional branches in at least half of Russian regions, so they cannot stand for election yet, the election official said.

The six parties in question are: the Russian Network Party, the Russian People's Union, Civil Force, the Russian Party of Pensioners for Justice, Rodnaya Strana (Home Country) and the Russian Conservative Party For Our Motherland. By July 16 the Justice Ministry has registered a total of 33 political parties," Kulyasova said.

"Yet another 184 organizing committees notified in writing of their intention to form a political party," the official said.

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