Sergei Lavrov: Russia suggests that Annan reconvene parties over Syria

Russia has proposed that UN/Arab League Envoy to Syria Kofi Annan once again convene an action group for Syria, and Annan welcomed this idea, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said.

"We have proposed to Kofi Annan that he once again convene the so-called action group, perhaps at the level of experts, or political directors," Lavrov told journalists in Moscow.

Russia "has said once again that it would be a right thing to do to correct the flaw of not inviting Iran and Saudi Arabia to Geneva," he said.

The action group should be convened in order to see "how everything that you have agreed upon is being implemented," Lavrov said. "I do not know how much our Western partners are prepared for this, because they are so far doing anything they can so that the agreement not be approved by the Security Council and are trying to impose something on which there has been no agreement," Lavrov said.

"It would be not useless to talk," he said.

As for Annan's position on Russia's proposal on convening the group, the minister said. "He [Annan] said he believes this would be useful and he will talk with the other participants."

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