Russia, China veto Western UN resolution on Syria

Russia has exercised its right of veto over a UN Security Council draft resolution on Syria proposed by a group of Western countries. The resolution was favored by eleven members of the Security Council, opposed by two (Russia and China). Two countries abstained.
The draft resolution on Syria, which would have opened up the path to sanctions against Syria, was submitted by France, Germany, Portugal, the United Kingdom and the United States. An alternative draft version, which fully relied on the agreements reached at the Geneva meeting of the Action Group on Syria on June 30 and made no mention of sanctions, has been submitted by Russia.

"In the current conditions, we would consider it right for the Security Council to pass a brief de-politicized resolution on technical extension of the mission's mandate for a certain period," Russian Ambassador to the UN Vitaly Churkin said during a UN SC session.

Churkin  warned against the use of the United Nations Security Council by a number of its member states “for implementing plans to impose their own political schemes on sovereign states will not work."

The ambassador was also quoted saying that the Thursday voting should not have taken place, as it was well-known that Russia would oppose the document. "The authors of the blocked draft resolution were well aware that it had no chance of being passed," he said. "The Russian delegation explained clearly and coherently: we cannot pass the document on Chapter 7 [of the UN Charter] opening up the path to sanctions, pressure and further foreign military intervention in Syrian affairs."

"Western members of the Council deny having such intentions but for some reason they refuse to rule out military intervention," Churkin said.

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