Latvia's attempt to review the World War II outcome has Moscow stunned

Moscow was stunned by Latvian President Andris Berzins's claims that there were no winners in World War II.

"We have taken note, of course, of the Latvian leader's 'conciliatory' initiative. Claims that there were no winners in World War II arouse surprise. This is absolutely at variance with the historical reality and is a blasphemy against the people of the Soviet Union and their allies in the Anti-Hitler Coalition, who liberated the world from fascism," Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich said in answer to reporters' questions, circulated on Tuesday.

"In this connection I am compelled again to draw the Latvian authorities' attention to the destructive nature of attempts to review the outcome of World War II and of the Nuremberg Tribunal's verdict which condemned the SS as a criminal organization. We expect these claims to receive an appropriate assessment at profile international institutions, Latvia's partners in the European Union and veteran organizations," the diplomat said.

Berzins claimed earlier that, "there were no winners" in World War II and urged ex-Waffen SS members and anti-fascist veterans to make peace.

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