Kremlin to send blogger's exposing letter about Bastrykin to prosecutor's office

The letters' department of the Kremlin administration has received a 100-page letter from blogger Alexei Navalny about the alleged foreign property of head of the Investigative Committee of Russia Alexander Bastrykin, presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov has announced.

"The letters' department will send the letter to the prosecutor's office for a check," he said the journalists on Wednesday.

On July 27 the newspaper Vedomosti published a report by Navalny saying that "chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia Alexander Bastrykin used to have a stake in a business in the Czech Republic; transactions involving that stake were conducted with false letters of attorney from him."

Bastrykin flatly denied Navalny's claim that he had sold real estate in the Czech Republic through front men or that he had a residence permit in that country. "Information about some front men is absolutely untrue," Bastrykin said in an interview with the daily Izvestia.

He admitted that he did have an apartment in the Czech Republic with floor space of 46 square meters, including a balcony. "It was bought in 2000, I think, when I was not a public servant yet, but a professor at the Northwestern branch of the Russian Legal Academy," Bastrykin said adding that had had plans of becoming a visiting professor and working in Europe.

Asked what had been the purpose of registering a company in the Czech Republic he said that he needed it to get a long-term visa. "In those days it was simple to buy an apartment in Germany and live there. I bought it in the Czech Republic in order to get a long-term visa," he said.

Speaking of the apartment the official said that presently it is owned by Natalia Nikolayevna Bastrykina. "We have been living separately for 22 years already. She has her own family and I have my own with Olga Ivanovna Alexandrova. We have two children. I did not sell the apartment; I simply gave it to my first wife. We are still friends. And as I did not sell the apartment, I am not obliged to pay any taxes," Bastrykin said.

He added that he is ready to resign, if he is discovered to have at least one euro of profit from commercial activities.

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