Prokhorov so far losing legal battle against presidential election irregularities

Businessman Mikhail Prokhorov, who ran for Russian presidency, will continue his legal battle to prove falsifications at some polling stations.

"The subject of falsifications at the last presidential election is being gradually forgotten but not by us. By now we have instituted more than 40 legal actions over violations of the election laws during the 2012 election campaign," Prokhorov wrote on LiveJournal on Friday.

"By now rulings have been issued in a part of the cases. Everywhere - everywhere! - our claims for the election results to be overturned have been rejected, despite the existence of a serious evidentiary base," he said.

"It is obvious that the legal system has a clear message with regard to such cases and will try to prevent us winning a single one because acknowledging at least one violation means to set a precedent," Prokhorov said.

"So they will stick to this borderline. But even being aware of all this, we are not giving up. We are currently preparing appeals and will take the case to the Supreme Court. Maybe, with a second or third or fifth try, we will still manage to prove the obvious. We are calm but stubborn guys," the ex-presidential candidate wrote.

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