Russian children's rights ombudsman: Video cameras should be installed in all streets to ensure children's safety

Russian children's rights ombudsman Pavel Astakhov believes security cameras should be installed in all city streets to ensure children's safety.

"I believe it's the best, the most economical and the most effective method that can help investigate or even avert a crime. We are now talking about the need to install video cameras in all children's establishments, both inside the buildings and outside them. The same thing should be done in city streets," Astakhov said in an interview with Interfax on Monday.

The killing of Anya Prokopenko, 9, was investigated using videos taken by security cameras, Astakhov said.

"In Stockholm, there is no street that is not shown on security cameras. It's a matter of our safety and the safety of our children. This potential has not been used yet and we need to use it," Astakhov said.

In addition, Astakhov said he believes Anya Prokopenko agreed to go with the criminal because she had been left without adult supervision.

"It's not illegal in Russia to leave children younger than 14 unattended, like it is in America. However, if crimes continue to occur, this issue will have to be resolved. There should be at least administrative liability for leaving children unattended," Astakhov said.

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