State prosecutor: Pussy Riot's guilt has been confirmed by the victims and witnesses

State prosecutors believe the Pussy Riot activists' guilt of hooliganism is proven.

The state prosecutors said in the Moscow Khamovnichesky Court on Tuesday, where debate in the Pussy Riot trial has begun, that the women's guilt has been confirmed by evidence given by the victims, witnesses, and written materials.

The Pussy Riot activists are charged with violating Article 213 of the Russian Criminal Code (hooliganism). They face up to seven years in prison if convicted of the charges.

"The prosecutors believe the private investigation bodies have qualified the defendants' actions correctly," state prosecutor Alexander Nikiforov said. The prosecutor said the girls got onto the ambon, a place off-limits to non-clergymen, wearing "extremely indecent clothes: dresses in bright colors." Nikiforov said the investigators have correctly classified the women's behavior in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior as "vulgar, impudent, and cynical."

The prosecutors said they do not believe that the Pussy Riot stunt in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior was a political action because they did not name any politicians' names. "It follows from the victims' evidence that no names of politicians were mentioned in the church," Nikiforov said. "The prosecutors do not believe the defendants' allegations that their actions in the church were not driven by hatred and enmity towards Orthodox believers, but were driven by political motives," Nikiforov said.

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