Police reinforcements sent to scene of possible unauthorized opposition action in Moscow

The Moscow police have sent additional patrols to the monument to Kazakhstani poet Abai Kunanbayev in Chistye Prudy where an unauthorized opposition action is expected on Friday.

An Interfax correspondent reports that several police buses are parked nearby and the space in front of the monument is patrolled by numerous police officers. A police vehicle with a mast to which a video camera is attached is also parked there.

The police are wearing their regular uniforms without any special gear. There is no sign of rubber truncheons. Only some officers leaving the buses put on body armor.

Despite the possible opposition action the area around the monument was not cordoned off and city people are walking around, many of them with children.

Young people wearing white ribbons are gathering around the monument. Most of them are strolling around or sitting on the stones surrounding the fountain. Many arrivals are taking pictures of the parkway and monument.

The atmosphere is calm. Nobody is unfurling placards or chanting political slogans.

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