Health Ministry may allow child organ transplants in 2013

The Health Ministry is working on a bill to end the ban on transplanting organs taken from dead children to other children, Izvestiya reported on Friday, citing sources in the ministry.

"Bearing in mind the universally recognized international practice and the need to reconsider the legislation on donation and transplantation, the ministry is working on a draft version of the new federal law," a source in the ministry told the paper.

The changes to the legislation will make it possible to perform organ transplants on children, which now can only be done abroad, the paper reported. The selection of foreign clinics which can take Russian children for treatment is now limited due to waiting lists in those countries. In addition, there is the problem of a shortage of donors.

The source in the Health Ministry told the paper that, under the current legislation, "children, dead or alive, cannot be donors of organs or tissue, and children who need transplants are unable to receive this type of advanced medical assistance in Russia."

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