Russia's Jewish Federation argues that the verdict against Pussy Riot should only strengthen the authorities' reputation

If the Pussy Riot activists had conducted a "punk prayer" similar to the stunt conducted in the cathedral of Christ the Savior in a synagogue, their imprisonment would only have strengthened the reputation of the Russian authorities in the eyes of religious Jews, Borukh Gorin, the head of the public relations department of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia (FJCR), said on Facebook on Saturday.

"Option 1, the tragic one. The girls walk into the prayer room, run onto the bimah, and put on their balaclavas. Poor things, they don't know that among the prayers is the Israeli minister for the Dead Sea affairs, who is provided with security guards from the appropriate special services on visits abroad. Agents saw these balaclavas when they were trained in the junior sergeant school. The cut is exactly the same as in the balaclavas used in the 1972 Munich Olympics [where a terrorist attack against Israeli officials occurred]. A nervous agent could well have opened fire. An international conflict, weeping mothers, orphaned children," Gorin said.

The second scenario is "cautiously optimistic," Gorin said. "The minister is not in the synagogue, and there are no nervous reserve officers or repenting criminals there. The girls are dragged from the bimah by law-abiding parishioners, who call the police and hand the girls over to them. A press release on the monstrous anti-Semitic act is issued on four continents. International Jewish organizations patiently wait for a fair punishment and create a lot of commotion if no such punishment is given. Of course, they don't demand that the girls be executed by stoning, but they don't raise nay scandal if the girls get a prison sentence," Gorin said.

The third scenario is "comical and the most probable," Gorin said. "The girls do not even reach the doors of the prayer room and young security guards remove them from the building," he said.

"Please, don't try it. My predictions can well be wrong, but it is very probable that I am right," Gorin said.

On Friday, the Moscow Khamovnichesky Court sentenced the Pussy Riot activists to two years in a penal colony for their stunt in he Cathedral of Christ the Savior.

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