Intelsat 21 put into orbit with record-setting accuracy

The Intelsat 21 satellite, launched on Sunday using a Zenit-3SL carrier rocket, was put into orbit with record-setting accuracy, Energia Space Corporation Deputy Director Valery Aliyev said in a video linkup with the Energia president.

"A world accuracy record has been set," said Energia President and General Designer Vitaly Lokota.

The Sea Launch enterprise has reaffirmed its reliability, Aliyev said. "Unique accuracy has been achieved. The pericenter altitude was projected at 280 plus-minus 13 kilometers and the error was nil. The projected apogaic altitude was 35,786 plus-minus 129 kilometers. The actual altitude was 35,781 plus eleven kilometers. The departure error was almost zero," he said.

"It's a world record in accuracy," Lopota replied.

"I would like to congratulate all 30,000 people working under this cooperation project. We did well in this time of trials for the Russian space industry," Lokota said.

On the Sea Launch project's prospects, he said "six orders have been placed, while actually 20 would be desirable."

"We have 170 licenses to carry our launches from the equator," Lokota said.

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