Mitvol could run for Khimki mayor alongside Chirikova

Ex-deputy head of the natural resources and environmental protection oversight service Rosprirodnadzor and former prefect of Moscow's Northern District Oleg Mitvol could run for mayor of the Khimki urban district in northern Moscow, the daily Izvestia writes on Monday. "An intensive discussion is on within the party and most members support Mitvol's candidacy. He has a serious managerial experience, and he headed the Northern District of Moscow a few years ago and is well familiar with the situation in Khimki," a source told Izvestia. 

"I keep thinking whether or not to run and we have yet to discuss this prospect with other members of the Green Alliance - People's Party members. I will announce my decision within days," Mitvol told Interfax. If Mitvol decides to run he could put the fight against corruption, including in the housing utilities sector, in the center of his election campaign. "The ex-mayor's <Vladimir Strelchenko> long-established corrupt connections must be cut and the ruined housing utilities sector must be restored. Tariffs are higher in Khimki than in Moscow. And the entire system of management must be built anew," he said.

Leader of the Movement to Defend Khimki ForestYevgenia Chirikovaearlier announced plans to run for Khimki mayor. Chirikova was nominated as candidate for mayor at an opposition meeting. Concerning her candidacy Mitvol said she has no managerial experience and will hardly cope.

"Yevgenia is a good speaker, and, compared to the ex-mayor Strelchenko, is a good candidacy. But Khimki has a lot of purely day-to-day problems to tackle, including preparations for the winter season, problems facing the housing utilities sector and others. She has no managerial skills whatsoever. Spare the local residents of yet another experiment," Mitvol said.

Chirikova, meanwhile, does not see any serious rivals to her candidacy, except that of acting Mayor Oleg Shakhov. "This candidate is interesting to me as he represents the system. Two approaches will compete in these elections: the approach advocated by resource parasites and the approach shared by people who want to save resources and forests, and to prevent their conversion into quick money. So, I do not consider other candidates as my rivals," she said.

Chirikova also said that Mitvol would not be able to draw part of her electorate. "I don't think he will succeed. I think our voters stick to the rule: Practice is the criterion of the truth. They can see and they can appraise our real efforts, being made for the good of the people," she said. She said she is experienced enough to claim the mayor's post.

Reports said earlier that the Council of Deputies of the local legislature accepted Khimki Mayor Vladimir Strelchenko's resignation and set mayoral elections for October 14.

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