Unilateral idea on security in Syria won't work - Lavrov

The idea to create security zones in Syria, like other unilateral actions, will not resolve the conflict in the country, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said.

"I have made a lot of statements on the events taking place in Syria and around it. NO unilateral ideas will work," Lavrov told a press conference following a meeting with his Finnish counterpart Erkki Tuomioja, responding to a journalist's question about the creation of security zones.

"Effective approaches can only be collective, and a fine example of collective actions is the document adopted at the Geneva conference on June 30, 2012," the minister said.

Lavrov recalled that the conference participants agreed to demand that all parties to the conflict in Syria use this document as a foundation for the crisis settlement. Lavrov also reiterated that ending violence in Syria, regardless of who started it, is a priority now.

Tuomioja, for his part, said: "It's hard to imagine such a zone to be created without military intervention". But "no European country is ready for that", he added. He called for a UN resolution which "would make it possible to stop the war and oblige each of the parties to step back from their positions".

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