Russians no longer hope to receive quality education in their country

Only a quarter of Russians are satisfied with the current educational system, over half are convinced that neither they, nor their children will be able to receive a good education in Russia, according to a poll taken by Levada Center.

Quoting the results of the study conducted among 1,600 people on August 10-13 the Russian educational system suits every fourth respondent (22%): primarily students (35%), businessmen (27%), jobless (26%), young people under 25 (33%), rich enough to buy a car (28%) and living in Moscow (30%).

However, 68% are definitely dissatisfied. They are mainly managers (82%), housewives (76%), industrial workers (69%), and people aged 25-40 (72%). Besides, 10% remained undecided.

Almost every other respondent (43%) does not think that anything changed in Russian education over the past year with the figure growing by 9 percentage points since a similar poll in 2011. Only 11% spoke of improvements and 32% reported the deterioration of the educational system.

Over half of the polled (59%) are convinced that it is impossible to receive a good education Russia today. The share of pessimists is the biggest among industrial workers (68%), housewives and jobless (66%), people with low educational standards (62%), those who can afford to buy only food (71%) and those who are short of even this money (70%). There are also many negatively-minded respondents among residents of cities with a population of under half a million (65%) and rural settlements (64%).

Meanwhile, one third (31%) are convinced that one can count on quality education in Russia. The opinion is shared mainly by students (55%), businessmen (39%), people under 25 (41%), with a higher education (38%), a high consumer status (64%) and Muscovites (40%). In addition 10% were undecided.

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