Facility construction program ahead of APEC 2012 summit fulfilled by 98%

The Russian government's program that envisioned the construction of 67 facilities for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in Vladivostok in Russia's Far East in September has been fulfilled by 98%.

"Almost all of the efforts have been finished. The budget of the construction program stood at 679 billion rubles, of which 664.5 billion rubles has been spent. All facilities are 98% ready," Oleg Bukalov, general director of the Russian Regional Development Ministry's Far Eastern Directorate, told journalists on Friday.

All enterprises involved in the program did a good job, he said.

"I would like to especially note the work of energy sector workers, who built all of their facilities in time, as well as the contribution of road and bridge builders and those who constructed the airport's new terminal," he said.

"Regrettably, the construction of two five-star hotels, an opera and ballet theater, a sports center, an entertainment center for students on Russky Island, and a power plant in Ussuriisk has not been completed," Bukalov said.

The construction of the hotels has been funded by a private investor - the Our Home is Primorye company, he said.

"To our regret, everything has not been done in time," he said.

Bukalov also blamed a Turkish contractor's shortage of workers and construction materials for the delay.

All of the necessary materials were delivered after the Turkish contractor was replaced by a Hong Kong firm, he said, adding that these buildings would be ready within the next few months.

The Primorye Territory and Vladivostok will not have to invest a kopeck in these efforts from their budgets, he said.

"The Regional Development Ministry has the money needed to finish this construction," Bukalov said.

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